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Having dessert tables at an occasion is an on-going trend that is here to stay. After all, it is one of the most exciting aspects of the event that all the guests look forward to! These days, people organizing an event look forward to serving more than just cake; sometimes they ditch the cake and go for something entirely different altogether like macarons, petit fours, cupcakes, etc. When it comes to desserts, the more the merrier!

Dessert tables are elegantly decorated arrangements that are often laden with bite-sized, miniature versions of sweets surrounding the cake. If you are wondering what type of dessert you can choose, the sky’s the limit, although we can help you decide in case you need to stick to a theme. Are you a fan of tarts, donuts, cookies, and mousse? Serve them all if you wish! In case you are looking for a bit of inspiration, check out our gallery for a glimpse at the immense variety of dessert tables that you can have alongside yourcake for any occasion.

Desserts and Candy Bars: Fantastic Trends at Weddings!

A lot of our clients have chosen a dessert table as they wanted to present more of a variety to their guests. A larger selection gives a new, different experience to your guests and brings forth a ‘wow’ factor to the gathering. The same goes for other aspects of the wedding or event, such as flowers, seating arrangements, music, etc. where both – the organizers and the wedding cake stores – are getting more and more creative each day.

For instance, couples are going much higher in the quantity and quality of everything on their special day, especially when it comes to serving their favorite desserts to their guests. They are not afraid to experiment either and have offered a variety – from all-time favorites like cupcakes, crème brûlées, and tiramisu, to desserts made from exotic flavors. We love adding these out of the box touches to our creations!

Many dessert bars also have candies, pastries, and confections based on the guests’ favorites, not to mention the traditional multi-tiered cake, depending on what goes well with the theme and the feel of the event.

As for birthdays, you might have heard of various quirky and playful trends like the unicorn cake – a beautiful, majestic, and magical cake filled with rainbow-colored layers, complete with a large horn at the top!

Dessert Table and Custom Cakes Near Me: Trends And Ideas

Here are some of the latest trends in desserts and custom cakes near me. Take a look at the ideas below and let us know if you have some of your own!

Naked Cakes Adorned with Flowers and Juicy Fruit

Great for brides and grooms planning a vintage, rustic wedding theme, naked cakes are quickly becoming popular among those wanting a minimalist feel.

Full-Fledged Dessert Bars and Assortments

Gone are the days when huge multi-tier cakes were the only desserts served at wedding receptions. Couples are growing bolder and opting for mini cakes, cake pops, rice krispie bars, cupcakes, donuts, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and many more treats for adding a more youthful and fun element to the wedding.

Custom Cakes by Roobina’s Cake 

From couples that stick to tradition and have plenty of cake, to those who want to switch things up and go for many types of cakes and desserts, we see lots of varying choices in cake design along with color schemes and decorations.

Ultimately, having a dessert table at your event is entirely up to you, but one thing is for certain, it can make any occasion feel even more elegant and beautifully organized.

Times and trends sure are changing, but we can promise one thing that won’t change – our passion and dedication to serve you! Whether you want a dessert table at your wedding reception or pick one of our signature baby shower cakes for girls designs, we love bringing your imagination and creative ideas into reality, no matter what the event is!

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