Desserts and Baby Shower Cakes for Girls: Fantastic Ideas!

Any baby shower will be incomplete without a scrumptious cake! Topped with an adorable cake topper, baby shower cakes for girls are one of the most important features that form the centerpiece of that special day for the glowing mom-to-be.

There are some really gorgeous ideas for a refreshing take on this classic tradition these days. Even if you are still undecided about the cake for your loved one’s baby shower, why not take a look at the following designs and choose the one that will make your party delightfully memorable!

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls: Unique Ideas That Will Impress Everybody!

Perhaps the best thing about these wonderful cake designs is that you can show these to a birthday cake shop near you and have them re-created or even make them yourself if, like us, you have a passion for baking. Some of these might even make you rethink your theme in case you have already decided upon one!

Let’s take a look at these fantastic baby shower cakes for girls that everyone will love, from your guests to the lovely expecting mother-to-be.

Jungle Magic

Whether you’re expecting the little one to be an animal lover like you or want your baby shower cake to be on your guests’ minds for years to come, this naked cake will certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Underwater Mermaid Theme

Here’s a stunning underwater themed cake that’s teeming with aquatic life, including shells, corals, starfishes, Flounder, and Sebastian, with Ariel popping out of the cake! Talk about a gorgeous Little Mermaid baby shower!

Deliciously Pink

Start sharing all things girly with your mini-me right away! Perfect, magnificent cakes for the traditionally pink baby shower; these would look just as incredible as elegant, vintage-themed baby shower cakes for girls. Some of these even come with marvelous frill work and edible roses.

Alice in Wonderland Theme

A colorful, imaginative take on the evergreen fable, each tier of this whimsical cake depicts a memorable part of the story, complete with all your favorite characters, the tea party, and the Mad Hatter’s hat!

Weigh The Anchor!

Sure, nautical-themed baby showers cakes for boys are catching on, but that doesn’t mean they’re just for boys! This playful yet elegant cake has both the classic colors, blue and pink, with golden anchors and waves for a refined look.

Although this blog is titled “Desserts and Baby Shower Cakes for Girls…” you can go ahead and choose any colors you like. After all, why should spectacular designs like these be restricted to girls or boys! And a truly fabulous baby shower cake is one that everyone wants to taste and Instagram about.

So, there’s no need to feel forced into a pink or blue cake when having a baby shower. 

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