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This Custom Cake Bakery near Me Has the Naked Cake too!

Ever since the Naked Cake trend emerged earlier this decade it has taken the wedding and baking industries by storm. Liked by all those who prefer less cream in their cakes, the naked wedding cake can be highly personalized just like any other custom cake delivery

Over the years, many couples choose this design when deciding on the wedding cake. Bespoke naked cakes have been made in many different flavors and decorated with wonderful combinations of flowers as well as fresh seasonal fruit. There are even numerous blogs on the internet to help you plan the perfect naked wedding cake and select the right style and flavors that will be best suited according to the event’s theme.

Why the Naked Cake has Grown So Popular

Let’s not forget the huge variety of styles that this type of custom cakes near me can entail, from cakes that are entirely naked to those that are ‘semi-naked’, i.e., they have a singular coating of buttercream that still has a good amount of cake layers showing through. Both of these have quickly grown to be some of the most popular custom cakes Los Angeles based bakeries have come to offer with their unmistakably rustic and whimsical vibe that makes them both winners for any event. 

The semi-naked variant is especially turning into the style to choose, especially for those who find it difficult to select one between a buttercream or a naked design. Another reason why they are trending, even more, these days is because not only do they remain moist for a longer time but they also lack the extra buttercream icing that can end up melting in the hot summer months. The modern, rustic look that they bring to the room helps create that wonderfully romantic feel.     

Order Cake Online Near Me for Customized Delivery

So, if your wedding planning is going on in full swing and you are struggling to find the right cake for your big day why not book a consultation with us? We have been named as one of the most popular custom cake shops near me by our clients and would love to explain every aspect of the wedding cake to help you pick your very own customized wedding cake.  

We even offer a no-obligation session of cake-tasting accompanied by free beverages so you can make the most informed decision regarding this ever-important element of the wedding and enjoy every second of it! 

At Roobina’s Cake, you can choose all the details related to your custom cake delivery such as the number of tiers you require to feed your guests as well as the dimensions of the cake. You can even choose to indulge yourself a bit - it is your big day, after all - and have every tier be different from the last if you like! That way everyone is guaranteed to be pleased with multiple options to choose from.  

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